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Understanding Marathon Spray Booths

A spray booth is a piece of equipment that has an airbrush in it and also an extraction unit. The extraction unit is used to protect the user when airbrushing. The marathon spray boothshave two primary uses; one is to ensure a controlled environment that ensures that no dirt enters into the working area which can lead to the work stoppage. Secondly, the filtration unit is made to prevent inhalation of poisonous gases that could be harmful to our respiratory system as well as the nervous system. The booth will also be able to avoid possible fires as the gases released are highly flammable.

The marathon spray booth is comprised of several components. There is the cabinet unit that houses the filtration system whose work is to filter the harmful gases from the airbrush paints. The extraction unit can either be inbuilt or can be separable from the machine meaning they are replaceable. The main purpose of the cabinet unit is to absorb the gases generated, dilute them gases to less harmful substances and release them over together with the spray that happens when using an airbrush to paint, implying that the area will be safe for those around. Here's a good read about spray booth, check it out!

The spray booth will provide a contained environment meaning that the area being painted and the surroundings are safe. This is made possible due to the presence of the extraction unit in the spray booth. Together with the controlled environment, the marathon spray booth will make sure that dirt does not enter into the spray booth and cause it to malfunction. The dirt can cost a painter his/her job, and the machine is hard to rectify. So, the spray booth keeps dirt out and the paint inside, this is a controlled environment.

A marathon spray booth gives protection to the user and all those around the machine. Some risks accompany the failure to use a filtration device because the user is exposed to the fumes which are a health hazard. Some dangers are posed if we do not use a filtration and extraction device because the harmful gases and the overspray that occur during airbrush painting will enter the atmosphere and this can affect other people's health.

It is, therefore, a good practice to use a marathon spray booth to ensure that you are protected, the environment remains unpolluted, and also those around the painting area are protected too. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference. 
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